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by Innovativesupplychain - 8 months ago

Are trailers the next big warehousing trend?

Companies and warehouse providers are scrambling for creative solutions to overcome a lack of warehouse space as they revamp supply chain networks to embrace e-commerce expectations.The amount of available U.S. warehousing and logistics space sits at...

by Innovativesupplychain - 8 months ago

Texas Forms Self-Driving Car Task Force

The Texas Department of Transportation is moving forward with the formation of a Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Task Force, made up of membership from state and local governments, academia, TxDOT staff and the autonomous vehicle industry.

by Innovativesupplychain - 8 months ago

Autonomous Trucking Still Distant

The future of autonomous trucks is further down the road than people believe, but final-mile delivery by robots is closer to larger use, said Steve Banker of ARC Advisory Group, giving his assessment of future disruption at the SMC3 Jump Start confer...